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Brain Injury Recovery In Whitby

Brain Injury Recovery In Whitby

A brain injury is any injury that occurs in the brain, and is commonly caused by car accidents, falls or assaults. As the brain controls most functions in our body, an injury to it often leaves individuals with many physical and cognitive deficits. There are two categories of brain injury:

1) Traumatic Brain Injury

  • Open head injury occurs when an object like a bullet penetrates the head causing damages to the brain. 
  • Closed head injury occurs when the head receives a heavy blow pushing the head back and forth or sideways. This causes an impact between the brain and the skull often resulting in severe injuries
  • Concussions can occur with direct impact on the head OR from a strong whiplash movement (also called a mild traumatic brain injury)

2) Atraumatic Brain Injury

  • Stroke occurs when blood flow is blocked in the brain, usually due to a blood clot.
  • Aneurysm occurs with weakened artery walls causing an expansion of the artery in the brain.
  • Tumours take up space in the brain and put pressure on the brain that can cause damage.

For Whitby residents who may be living with a brain injury, our professionals have the skills and equipment to help with brain injury recovery.

At our clinic, we utilize various technologies and robotics to aid in optimizing your recovery. The availability of the latest and world’s best equipment make it possible for a faster recovery. We use this equipment and technology to aid individuals to develop the strength and conditioning needed to perform various activities on their own. The robotics and technology we use help patients relearn movements with little support.

We offer a physical training program with the sole objective of developing, maintaining or restoring your functional ability where your functionality and movements have been affected by the brain injury.

All of our therapists have advanced training in the treatment of injuries or conditions involving the brain and can help maximize your recovery.

Our team of professionals who develop and aid in brain injury recovery in Whitby includes:

  • Physiotherapists - the main functions are to evaluate and treat with the goal of increasing flexibility, endurance, balance and coordination of the body.
  • Massage therapists - soft tissue manipulation to help release tension, increase range of motion, decrease pain and generally reduce effects of stress.

Benefits Of A Brain Injury Recovery Plan

The main benefit of a brain injury recovery plan is to aid an individual who is affected by a brain injury to go back to a fulfilling and productive life as soon as possible.

Our brain injury professionals in Whitby teach brain injury survivors to focus on their strength rather than their weakness, helping them to overcome life challenges.

We offer FREE pre-assessment consultations with a Neurological Physiotherapist so you have a better understanding of everything involved with our recovery program.